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Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls - Mars the Astronomical Artist Soft Doll

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A true space cadet, Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls Soft Doll - Mars the Astronomical Artist is from another planet!! Green skin and hair, a pair of antennae and quite anuhinteresting fashion sense. This Martian sees the universe in a different light than everyone else, and expresses her unusual thoughts through her art. Painting, sculpture, collage, you name it!! And youve never seen anything like it before, and certainly never will again! Mars may not be the kookiest girl in the galaxy, but she is by far the most creative! Marss symbol is a flying saucer, her passion is for arts and crafts and her color scheme is green, purple and orange. Her personality is kooky, quirky, silly, slightly ditzy, and giggly and her style is eccentric, eclectic and mix and match.

Milky Way and her intergalactic entourage, the Galaxy Girls, are a celestial sorority as unique as the heavens themselves. Each character in this groovy girlaxy is a shining example of her starry home, whether a spiritual personality like Jupiter, a perfectionist like Venus or that orbital oddball Mars. Galaxy Girls celebrates girls as multi-faceted individuals, with characters that model positive, active, and self affirming behaviorsmost of the time. After all, that Milky Way girl can sure get mischievous sometimesand you dont want to make that cosmic rocker Pluto mad by calling her a dwarf planet!

Each character has specific activity or hobby that she pursues with passion. Her personal symbol which adorns her outfits and accessories lets you know where she is from or offers a clue to her personality. With an emphasis on individuality and being true to oneself, girls will find themselves identifying with a particular character, and it wont be long before each can answer the question, What planet are you from?
  • Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls Dolls are a soft doll that measures 22 inches, all dolls have the same body, so outfits can be mixed and matched for endless fashion play.

  • Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls Dolls have features and personality traits that correspond with some astronomical, mythological or astrological aspect of the planet she represents.

  • Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls Dolls have a corresponding symbol and color scheme on her clothes and shoes that represents who she is.

  • Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls Dolls come with star codes to unlock special web pages; become a member of the Solar Sisterhood fan club join with proof of purchase.

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