Tracking Your Order

Tracking numbers are assigned to packages at our warehouse almost immediately. These numbers generally appear on our website along with your order information. It may take up to 48 hours or longer before the package is checked into the carrier's tracking system. This basically means that even though your package has left our warehouse, the carrier may not be able to provide any information about your package for up to 48 hours or more.

Tracking availability may vary depending on:

  1. Type of item(s) purchased
  2. Shipping method selected during checkout
  3. Carrier delivering item(s)

Occasionally, orders are delivered via a carrier that does not offer the ability to track a package. In these rare instances, the "Order Status / Tracking" section on our website will not display tracking information, but will still show order status and other details.

Difference between Order Status and Tracking Information

Your Order Status is supplied by and represents what is happening with your order between the time you place it and the time it ships from our warehouse. Once your order leaves our warehouse, it is handled by a carrier (such as FedEx, USPS or UPS). This carrier may provide Tracking Information, which allows you to keep track of your order from the time it leaves our warehouse to the time it reaches its destination*. When it becomes available, this tracking information is accessible from the "Order Status / Tracking" section of our website.

*Carrier-provided tracking information may not be available for up to 48 hours or longer after a product is shipped from our warehouse.

Estimated Delivery Date Has Passed and You Have Not Received Your Order

Orders that are shipped via a trackable method (such as UPS) will have tracking information available in your account. Please check this information, if available, and read through the following options:

  • If the tracking information indicates the package has been delivered, please check with your neighbors, building manager or family members. Packages are also occasionally placed somewhere relatively safe such as your porch, garage or even behind bushes.
  • If the tracking information indicates the package is being returned to us, or if the address is incorrect, it may have been undeliverable.

If there is no tracking information, or the above options do not apply, please contact our Guest Assistance Team at 1.800.426.8697.