Baby Shower Guide We'll show you how to throw the perfect baby shower with everything mom loves(yes,diaper cakes included)!
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Our favorite baby shower ideas
These are just a few of our favorite baby shower ideas, including unique baby shower favors and more, to help you plan the perfect baby shower.
Baby Takes the Cake
The bast way to welcome baby to the world is with diapers of course! Use diaper cakes for the baby shower centerpieces - it's something extra sweet for each table that both mom and guests will love. Want to make the mood even more playful? Surround each diaper cake with candles for a truly whimsical look.
Try:Diaper Cakes and Kate Aspen Heart Lights Frosted Glass Heart Candles
Laundry Day
Have baby shower guests showcase their inner artist by decorating adorable baby bodysuits with fabric markers for baby's wardrobe. Not only will baby be the best-dressed newcomer on the block, but it's also a fun decoration and baby shower keepsake all rolled into one!Tip:As the designs are completed, hang them up on an old-fashioned clothesline for a unique, nostalgic baby shower display.bodysuits in white or light, solid colors work best.
Try:Gerber organic Bodysuits®
Diaper Dash
This fun baby shower game is perfect for getting mom ready for late-night diaper changing! Choose one bab shower guest from each table and have them put a diaper on a baby doll...while blindfolded.The person who gets the diaper on correctly in the shortest amount of time wins.Let the rac begin!
Try:Pampers Swaddlers
Snapshots of Mom-to-be
Add a personal touch to the baby shwer by displaying photo frames filed with pictures of mom throughout all the stages of her pregnancy. You can also include photos of dad, friends and family.Baby pictures of the parents-to-be work well too and make this special baby shower truly memorable. Let the new mommy keep the frame for all the baby pictures!
Try:Photo Frames