HANSA Collector Guide
HANSA "Portraits in Nature" Collector's Guide

History of HANSA "Portraits in Nature"

Hansa Toys was founded by German-born Hans Axthelm in 1972, created with a dedication to the development and production of "true to life" replications of animals in their natural habitat. Hansa animals are not only authentic and life-like, they are also cuddly and lovable. The Hansa dream is to inspire children (and adults!) to love and learn about wild animals and as a result, to inspire alife-long commitment to wildlife conservation and lear to co-exist in nature's "kingdom." The unique combination of industry experience and European influence executed in the design,manufacturing and quality control is what makes Hansa's animals exceptional. Guided by their commitment to excellence, Hansa constantly works to improve their custom designed fabrics and artistic techniques. This philosophy and work ethic enables Hansa to produce the most detailed plush animals in the world: from the 3-inch mole to the life-size woolly mammoth. Hansa artist-designed, hand-crafted animals are detailed to capture each animal's beauty and character, giving each their own unique and "individual personality."

How to Identify

Inspired by Nature; ask yourself "Is it REAL or is it HANSA?" The best way to identify an authentic Hansa animal is to look for the Hansa gold hang-tag and the "Toys That Teach" Tag.

Other Information

Mush research goes into producing this nature series. What make Hansa Toys different from their competitors is the quality and pin point accuracy of specific animal characteristics. The animal coats are meticulously hand-cut and trimmed, never stamped out by machine. On average, each animal requires 42 separate pieces to make, and some require as many as 240 different parts! The subtle coloring is hand painted or airbrushed by specially trained Hansa artisans. Each animal comes with a "Toys That Teach" tag describing in detail the animal's habitat and lifestyle.

Stating Your Very Own HANSA Collection is easy!

Start collecting these finely-crafter pieces and help educate our children to appreciate and understand the importance of co-existence with our wondrous animal world.

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