Steiff Collector Guide
Steiff Collector's Guide

There have been Steiff collectors for almost as long as the company has existed. Early on, adults realized the high quality and exceptional value of Steiff Collectibles, so soon both adults and children were avid fans of these "toys." There are more than two dozen quads on how to collect Steiff, but our advice is simple: collect what you love. Collecting Steiff, both new and vintage, is a hobby that hundreds of thousands of people around the globe enjoy.

History of Steiff

Steiff was founded in 1880 by Margarete Steiff, a polio victim who learned to sew with one hand.Despite her infirmity, she was able to build and internationally successful company that thrives to this day. The company's success lies in its lack of willingness to compromise on quality, Every item is still handmade using century-old manufacturing techniques in our factory in Giengen, Germany. Steiff is perhaps most famous for inventing the Teddy bear. Richard Steiff, Margarete Steiff's nephew, was responsible for developing in the U.S. was so great that Steiff shipped more than one million bears per year to our shores. Steiff products remain popular today and are sold online and through upscale retailers. In fact, the first store to sell Steiff Teddies in the U.S. was none other than FAO Schwarz!

How to Identify

All modern products and virtually all products are marked with the famous "Button in Ear" trademark that identifies Steiff animals as genuine. Through the years, it was silver colored and quite small. Many items also include an ear tag or flag. White tags with black type mean the piece is an exact replica of an item made before. White tags with red type indicate that the item is a limited edition. Yellow tags indicated that an item is from Steiff's general assortment.

Other Information

The Steiff range is divided into two segments: (1) collectibles and (2) toys. While there is some overlap, most products fall into one of these two categories. The collector range includes high quality Teddy bears and animals made from mohair, alpaca, wool felt, cotton velvet and other natural materials. The to range features high-play-value pieces such as baby items and child/baby products made of valuable Woven Fur. "Only the best is good enough," was our founder's moto. Now, 125 years later, this simple truth still guides our company in the production of both our lines for collectors and for children.

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